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About this Project

The Navajo Verb Generator aims to aid both fluent and non-fluent Navajo speakers in constructing and cataloguing one of the most linguistically difficult aspects of the language: verbs.

Generate a verb

Using our very query form, users can generate Navajo verbs by tense, number, english definition and more.

Add to the database

Users may add individual verb information of their own to our database. Once submitted, our admins will check content for accuracy and approve new entries. Users may also batch import data to or export data from the database. These come in a .tsv file format.

Comment and correct verbs

Speakers and scholars are granted access to edit existing content to ensure the accuracy of generated verbs.

An on-going project

NVG was begun in June 2015 by Professor Theodore Fernald and the SPEED (Special Projects for Educational Exploration and Development) team at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Members of SPEED include Nabil Kashyap, Jeremy Fahringer, David Wurtele, Alex Crane, Steve Jaoudi, and Anna Jensen. The project was continued by the NSF REU Linguistics Field School 2016 where the grammatical rules outlined in The Navajo Verb by Leonard M. Faltz were implemented at Haverford College and Navajo Technical University. This stage of the project had contributions from a team including Malcolm Bob, Ian Bradley, Anita Brown, Abigail Emrey, Audra McComb, and Sophie Rehrig, as well as Ellavina Perkins Ph.D, Melvatha Chee, M.A., and others present at NTU. Please visit NVG's GitHub repository and/or GitHub Wiki for more information about SPEED and how NVG works.


Images for this site come from: "The NavajoNation Seal" by Truenavajohistory - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons; All other images are the work of Theodore Fernald, Copyright 2016.